Learn About Our Exclusive Beachfront Haven

Designed to Pamper, Relax & Inspire

Costa d’Este Beach Resort & Spa provides an exclusive beachfront haven with a wonderful array of amenities available for our guests to enjoy. Enjoy ocean view dining at its finest with locally grown, organic produce at The Wave Kitchen & Bar, or our beachside Cabana Bar.  Rejuvenate in our full-service spa and fitness center, and take a break at our oceanfront infinity pool. Take the day off to explore the beautiful golden sand beach and take rest in one of our beachfront lounge chairs.  Explore the ocean with our onsite beach service offering stand up paddle board, ocean kayaking, and snorkeling rental. Costa d’Este Beach Resort & Spa offers an opportunity to relax, indulge in our amenities, explore the many fun-filled recreational activities, experience a personalized catered events, and allow us the opportunity to inspire your next getaway or intimate meeting.

A top ten celebrity-owned hotel of the world*, Costa d’Este Beach Resort & Spa is a haven from the ordinary. The twin five-story, Miami modern inspired towers define chic sophistication with sweeping views of the Atlantic Ocean. Costa d’Este Beach Resort & Spa offers the pinnacle of casual luxury for the most sophisticated travelers and laid-back beach enthusiasts alike. Vero Beach, Florida is often referred to as the “Hamptons of Miami." This unaffected resort town offers the experience of Florida of yesteryear, with shorelines that still reflect an unprecedented natural integrity.

Sea Turtles @ Costa

Sea turtles have roamed the oceans for millions of years. During their wanderings, adult females faithfully return every couple of years to lay their eggs on Florida Beaches. A sea turtle will lay about 112 eggs in a nest (also known as a clutch) and she will nest multiple times during a nesting season. About 55 days later the eggs hatch.

The hatchlings emerge from the nest and dash to the sea. Only about 1 in 1,000 hatchlings survive to adulthood. Those that do survive will return to the same beaches to lay their eggs as adults some 30-40 years later. Thus good stewardship of Florida’s beaches is critical to successive generations of sea turtles.

As an organization with values that give back, we are elated to announce that we are officially Turtle Friendly Certified through @coastalconnections_inc. We are incredibly proud to partner with them and support them in helping sea turtles to thrive once again! 

Help Protect Sea Turtles that Nest on Our Shore

  • Shield indoor light from shining out of your room at night by closing draperies after 9pm.
  • Turn off your balcony light after 9pm

The Legend of The Costa Monkeys

Hundreds of years ago, a mischievous monkey was born from the sea and his wife, from the sand.  These island monkeys had two children also born from the seaside and they lived behind a waterspout. One day, while the monkeys were doing what they loved most, monkeying around and searching for playthings like conch shells and coconuts, one of the monkeys went out too far and was lost at sea. The seas rose and the wind howled, bringing turmoil to the shore.

Once the storm subsided, the father monkey swam back to the beach, reuniting with his family. So thrilled the sea had brought him back, our four monkeys gathered all the treasures the storm had swept in, and kept them safe. To this day, seaside surprises appear, as if by magic or monkey, in the bowls of our primate sculptures to ensure continued prosperity and calm seas.

For Good Luck, Place a Shell in The Monkey's Basket

Tesla Charging Stations @Costa D'este

We are proud to represent a greener way to travel at Costa d'Este Beach Resort & Spa in Vero Beach, Florida. We have installed two Tesla Motors chargers as well as a universal charger in our north parking lot.

We welcome resort guests to utilize these charging stations anytime, making your choice to live green easier and more convenient. 

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