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Vero Beach Massage

Chair Massage (15 Minutes: $40)

Fully clothed spot massage for neck, back and shoulders performed in our fitness area. Focused massage on a desired area of concern in a private spa suite. 


E-Zen-Tial (20 Minutes: $70)

Focused massage on a desired area of concern in a private spa suite.


Reflexology (20 Minutes: $75) 

Deeply relaxing massage therapy pressure points applied to the feet to treat the whole body. 


Tranquility (50 Min: $145 | 80 Min: $180) 

Gentle, long, flowing movements using light pressure to enhance circulation, promote stress relief and pure relaxation. 


Signature (50 Min: $155 | 80 Min: $190) 

Combines light gentle pressure throughout and slow deep movements in a targeted area of concern. 


Deep Tissue (50 Min: $165 | 80 Min: $200) 

Slow, deep movements to reduce muscle tension, alleviate pain and stress. 


Lavish (80 Minutes: $225) 

Evoke your senses with an experience like no other that combines multiple therapeutic massage and bodywork techniques to help balance and provide the ultimate relaxation and tension relief from head to toe. Includes reflexology, Spa Rocks, Hawaiian, steam inhalation and island scalp massage. 


Himalayan Salt Stone (50 Min: $165 | 80 Min: $200)

This unique massage uses hand carved warm himalayan crystal salt stones to massage, heal, ground and to balance the body, central nervous system and meridians. The perfect choice to soothe, de-stress and bring the mind, body and spirit into balance.


Hawaiian (50 Min: $160 | 80 Min: $200) 

Medium to deep pressure with rhythmic, continuous flowing strokes using the forearms combined with passive stretches to promote harmony and balance. 


Ashiatsu (50 Min: $170 | 80 Min: $210) 

Ease away tension and soothe your muscles with this deep but relaxing therapeutic massage performed with the Massage Therapist’s bare feet while using overhead bars for balance. *Advanced Reservation Required


Tranquil-Thai (50 Min: $165 | 80 Min: $200) 

Relaxing light touch massage incorporating hot towel compresses and Thai stretching techniques to release tension and relieve stress. 


Mother-To-Be (50 Min: $165 | 80 Min: $200) 

Feel pampered and relieve the tension and common discomforts associated with pregnancy. *Not recommended for the first trimester. We recommend a facial for the 1st trimester.



Unwind and share a memorable experience side by side in the same suite with a loved one or friend. A-la-carte*. Priced individually based on massage selection. Certain massages are not recommended to be performed in the same room. 


In Room Massage* (50 Min: $210 | 80 Min: $250) 

Customized pressure in the comfort of your guest room. 


*For your convenience, a 20% gratuity will be automatically applied based on the full value of the services rendered. This may be adjusted based on the service personally experienced. Additional gratuity for exemplary service is at your discretion. Gratuities are not included in published pricing.




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