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Vero Beach Massage

Chair Massage 15 min $35

Fully clothed spot massage for neck, back and shoulders in our fitness room.

Essential Massage 20 min $65 

Perfect spot massage for areas of concern.

Signature Massage 50 min $135 | 80 min $175

Combines light gentle pressure throughout and slow deep pressure movements in targeted areas of concern.

Tranquility Massage 50 min $125 | 80 min $165

Gentle, long, relaxing strokes using light pressure.

Luxe Massage 80 min $200

Combines multiple massage modalities for total mind and body relaxation.

Reflexology Massage 50 min $145 | 80 min $185

Slow, deep movements to reduce muscle tension.

Deep Tissue Massage 50 min $145 

Mother-To-Be Massage 50 min $145 | 80 min $185

Relieve the tension and stress of pregnancy, not recommended for first tremester.

Hawaiian 50 min $145 | 80 min $185

Gentle, yet deep, with continuous flowing strokes using the forearms promoting harmony and balance.

Barefoot Massage 50 min $145 | 80 min $185

Deep but relaxing therapeutic massage performed with the therapists feet by using overhead bars for balance.

Spa Rock Relaxation 50 min $145 | 80 min $185

Warm spa rocks melt away tension, improve circulation and leave you in a deeply relaxed state.

Tranquil-Thai 50 min $145 | 80 min $185

Relaxing tranquility massage incorporating Thai stretching techniques.

Four Handed Massage
25 MIN $145 | 50 MIN $185

Two therapists take you on an ultimate synchronized relaxing journey.

Couples Treatments

A-la-carte; certain massages not recommended in the couples suite. Inquire with the spa for details. 

In Room Massage* 50 min $185 | 80 min $225

Tranquility, Signature, or Deep tissue provided in your room. *20% gratuity automatically added to price listed above. 

Massage Enhancements: add to any massage

Scalp Massage 20 MIN $50: Warm oil drizzle along the hairline and massaged intoo the scalp.

Facial Massage 20MIN $65: Relieves tension and sinus pressure

Foot Massage 20MIN $50: Relaxes tired feet and relieves aches and pains

Antioxidant Eye Treament $20: Alleviate under eye puffiness, dark circles, fine lines, and wrinkles

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