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Marine Detox Body Wrap | 80 Min $200

Gentle exfoliation, detoxifying marine body mask, and intensive anti-aging body butter. The ultimate body treatment.

Sun Recovery Body Wrap | 50 Min $135

Hydrating wrap to repair sun damage and rejuvinate the skin, excellent for dry or sunburn.

Grape Stem Cell Foot Treatment | 50 min $125

Exfoliation, purifying detox mask and restored hydration for tired and fatigued feet.

Signature Body Glow 50 min $125 | 80 min $185

Exfoliation using the highest quality active ingredients, followed by nourishing body butter massaged into the skin, using our signature scent.

Purifying Back Treatment | 50 Min $125

Relax, unwind and allow your back to be pampered for refreshed and revived skin.

Body Treatment Enhancements:

Scalp Massage 20 MIN $50: Warm oil drizzle along the hairline and massaged intoo the scalp.

Facial Massage 20MIN $50: Relieves tension and sinus pressure

Foot Massage 20MIN $50: Relaxes tired feet and relieves aches and pains

Antioxidant Eye Treament $20: Alleviate under eye puffiness, dark circles, fine lines, and wrinkles

Spirulina Mask Booster $20:* Superfood for your skin with fresh water and blue green algae

* Can only be combined with Grape Stem Cell Treatment and Purifying Back Treatment

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