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Costa Monkeys at Vero Beach resort.

The Legend of 

The Costa Monkeys 

Orchid Island legend has it...

...that hundreds of years ago, a mischievous monkey was born from the sea and his wife, from the sand.  These island monkeys had two children also born from the seaside and they lived behind a waterspout. One day, while the monkeys were doing what they loved most, monkeying around and searching for playthings like conch shells and coconuts, one of the monkeys went out too far and was lost at sea. The seas rose and the wind howled, bringing turmoil to the shore. Once the storm subsided, the father monkey swam back to the beach, reuniting with his family. So thrilled the sea had brought him back, our four monkeys gathered all the treasures the storm had swept in, and kept them safe. To this day, seaside surprises appear, as if by magic or monkey, in the bowls of our primate sculptures to ensure continued prosperity and calm seas.

Place a shell in the monkey’s basket for good luck!

“All they need from us is a chance. If we meet them halfway,
just give them space and freedom, then they recover on their own” 

Dr. Carole Noon, Founder

(1949 - 2009)

Adopt a Chimp program at Costa d'Este Beach Resort in Florida.

Save the chimps

Learn more about Save the Chimps and their mission to provide and build support for permanent sanctuary for the lifelong care of chimpanzees rescued from research laboratories, entertainment, and the pet trade.

Learn how to adopt A Chimp

How would you like to adopt a chimp? You can for just $150 a year. That's just $0.41 a day...a small price to pay for such a fulfilling gift. When you adopt a chimp, your donation helps Save the Chimps pay for many of their chimp’s needs. You’ll be helping provide the three fresh meals of fruits and vegetables the chimpanzee receives daily, loving care from the staff, maintenance of the gorgeous island your chimp lives on, not to mention plenty of toys and activities!

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