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Exploring the surf at a resort in Vero Beach, Florida.

Beach Services & Activities

Couple done snorkeling at Vero Beach resort in Florida.

Adventure abounds as you explore the shipwrecked 1884 iron screw steamer, the Breconshire. This historic marvel sits in our backyard, only 150 yards off our back door, and in a mere 15 feet of aqua blue ocean. Stay dry and simply enjoy the view from your kayak, or jump in and get wet while snorkeling above the wreckage.

Our goal is to really connect people with our natural resources and provide memories that last a lifetime. We try to offer new and exciting experiences you can't find anywhere else, while educating you about the rich, abundant sea life unique to the waters directly off our shores.

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Beach Services 

Lounges available at Vero Beach resort.

Boucher Brothers at Costa d'Este:

Relax and unwind beachfront in one of our lounge chairs, umbrellas and cabanas available through our on-site beach services. 

Included in our daily resort fee is two lounge chairs per room, anything above that will be:

$13.00 - Per Lounge Chair

$13.00 - Per Umbrella

$25.00 - Per Cabana

$100.00 - Per Beach Bed

*Please note these prices are per day.

Bike the beach at luxury Vero, Florida hotel.

Beach Cruiser's:

$5 per hour (3 hr minimum for $15)

$30 per day

*All bike rentals include helments and bike locks, please visit the front desk for assistance with rentals. 

Beach Activities:

           o $25/hour
           o $45/2 hours
           o $100/day

Single Kayaks  
           o $20/hour
           o $35/2 hours 
           o $80/day

Tandem Kayaks  
           o $25/hour 
           o $45/2 hours 
           o $100/day

 • 4-Seater Sea Cycle 
          o $35/hour
          o $65/2 hours
          o $140/day

Snorkeling Equipment 
          o $15/ hour 
          o $30/day

Boogie boards
          o $10/hour 
          o $20 per day

Skim boards 
         o $10/hour 
         o $20 per day

Boucher Brothers at Vero Beach resort.

 About Boucher Brothers:

There are times that call for fancy suits, and there are others that call for bathing suits. Born and raised on Miami Beach, Jim, Mike, Steve and Perry Boucher have been exploring the ocean all their lives. In 1987, the brothers began directing the pool, beach and water sports facilities at the Newport Crown Plaza in North Miami Beach. Other resorts have taken notice of their expertise, and the brothers have continually built a solid reputation based on trust and long lasting commitments within the industry. In March 2014, the Boucher Brothers ventured North and have landed here at Costa d’ Este. The first resort on the Treasure coast to offer an organized beach services team, the Boucher Brothers have raised the level of service from excellent to extraordinary here at Costa d’ Este. We invite you to join them on the beach!