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Vero Beach resort pool at sunset.

Pool Concierge Service

Couple enjoys Vero Beach resort pool.
Pool concierge assists couple at Vero Beach resort.

So what is a Pool Concierge?

Our intuitive poolside service brings beach and pool service to a new level. Costa d’Este Beach Resort's & Spa pool and beach-side Pool Concierge know what you need before you do and stand ready to assist seven days a week for 8am to 5pm. This team of waterside attendants offers a variety of complimentary services to ensure a good time is had by all. The services include, sunglass cleaning, a selection of the latest magazines, a selection of chilled sunscreen and spritzers, frozen grapes, chilled aromatherapy cloths and fruit-infused water.

9am - 6pm

Friday & Saturday
8am - 8pm

8am - 6pm



Relaxing in the pool at Vero Beach resort.


Pool Concierge Services:

• Sunglass Cleaning 
• Magazines
• Chilled Sunscreen 
• Chilled Aromatherapy Cloths
• Frozen Grapes
• Infused Water