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Emilio & Gloria Estefan, owners of luxury beach resort in Vero Beach, Florida.


Entrance to Vero Beach resort in Florida.

Whenever asked in any interview about my favorite place on earth, I always respond Vero Beach, Florida.  -Gloria Estefan 


Oceanside at Vero Beach resort.

Why We Chose Vero Beach

We bought a home in Vero Beach about 10 years ago and it reminded me of the Miami of my childhood, laid back and relaxed. I love the tranquility and all the nature that surrounds me in Vero. It’s strict environmental laws are something I truly believe in, and Vero Beach is also home to the first Wildlife Refuge in the U.S.—the Pelican Island Wildlife Sanctuary established in 1903. Nature and animals are very close to my heart. I wanted to share this experience with people from all over the world, which is why we decided to buy the hotel and create its unique environment.


Costa d’Este Beach Resort was originally built in 1972 and was named The Palm Court Hotel (seen in the image on the left) when we bought it almost 10 years ago. It was a central part of the economy in Vero Beach and we were planning on just remodeling, but in 2004 the two hurricanes Jeanne and Frances took us down a different path. So we brought it down to the bare concrete and redid the entire hotel, which ultimately allowed us to create a fabulous and brand new destination hotel for the savvy traveler.


As part time residents and full time Vero Beach business owners, we feel it’s important to stay involved in the community and be of service in any way we can. We support and contribute to the All Pet Rescue no-kill animal shelter in Vero Beach, the Indian River County Public Schools, the United Way of Indian River County, and the Pelican Island Wildlife Sanctuary. We also support local musicians including my daughter’s high school, Contemporary Music Ensemble, which has performed at the Hibiscus Festival and Waldo’s on the Beach at the historic Driftwood Inn.

Beach resort near national wildlife refuge.

Archie Carr National Wildlife Refuge

Having had the privilege of living close to the Archie Carr National Wildlife Refuge, I've been able to experience first hand the fruits of their labor in working to protect sea turtles threatened with extinction worldwide. And by following their guidelines as an example, each of us living along the coast can be an important part of Archie Carr's conservation efforts.

Luxury custom furniture at Vero Beach resort.


We built our own furniture with teak wood for a nautical theme. We wanted the furniture in the rooms to be minimalist and functional. Since Emilio and I have traveled so much we are very aware of the things that are key to a good hotel stay. Besides good service, which is crucial, I think a top-of-the-line mattress and luscious linens for a wonderful night’s sleep are essential. Some of our other priorities are clean lines and minimal clutter, a great shower, and whenever possible a beautiful view is imperative to be a top hotel. To us, functionality is very important, hence the long marble credenza we created in all the rooms to place luggage at an accessible height.

Luxury Vero Beach resort filled with art.

The Artwork

The paintings at the resort to us reflect the beauty and movement of the water. We have the same painting of the women swimming at our house in Vero as well. The small image of the famous Mexican artist Frida Kahlo on the wall leading out to the pool is a very unique art piece from the famous Brazilian artist Romero Britto, who is based out of Miami and one of our good friends. It is one of the only black and white pieces he has ever made. We felt this piece was beautiful and we love to support the different Latinos in the arts.

The Monkeys

The four monkeys represent our family—Emilio, myself, Emily and Nayib. The two newest members of the group represent our newest family members, Lara (Nayib’s wife) and our grandson Sasha. We picked monkeys because ever since Nayib was mobile, his nickname was “monkey” because he would climb on everything including me!

Luxury design at Vero Beach resort in Florida.


Emilio and I love that in nature there are really no sharp corners and that circles are never ending. Also a big part of the design of our hotel is influenced from the “Miami Modern” architecture of the 1950s. Miami Modern originated in Miami as a resort vernacular unique to the city. It was a popular response to the various modernist and post-war architectural movements that were taking place in other parts of the world, adding glamour, fun and material excess to otherwise stark, minimalist and efficient styles.

Art light at Vero Beach resort.

Buffalo Bone Resin Lights

We love the buffalo horn in resin because it allows light to shine through, thereby enhancing the beauty of the horn and adding a unique flair to partitions, doors and lamps. We originally used the slicked horn in resin panels in our home years before the hotel was completed. It was our way of extending the feel of our residence into Costa d'Este.

General manager of Vero Beach luxury resort.

"At Costa, we strive to create a place you can call home
and build a team that feels like family. "

Chad Olson, General Manager